About VIVI Pool

  • Thank you for access Vivi Pool. Carano asset delegate service is provided here, you can realize the automated asset management without locked funds and earn the annual rate of return rate of approximately 4%-6% by delegate assets. *Term [ delegate=enturst ]
  • I like to share good knowledge, welcome to ask me questions about Cardano.

Cardano ecosystem

  • Cardano ecosystem contains governance systems and currency systems.
  • As a global decentralized financial network system, the system is not controlled by institutions and unilateral centralization. Your funds can be transferred at any time, Distributed databases will not be modified by third parties.
  • The Cardano decentralized network overcomes the problem of information asymmetry caused by the geographic location of traditional financial institutions. The transaction cost of the Cardano POS system is lower than that of the Bitcoin POW system.(ADA transction approximately0.16-0.18ADA/fee)

Decentralization Description

The distributed system reduces the information asymmetry, A highly decentralized system bears higher transaction costs than a centralized system, because participants need to reach a consensus on the information that constitutes the facts – the information in each node needs to be compared with the information in other nodes.

VIVI Pool use cardano distributed ledger, achieve asset management for stakeholders without locked funds.

  • Stable operation of nodes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, can achieve the efficiency and stability of advanced asset management.
  •  Provide stakeholders information about Cardano on Twitter. Telegram.website
  • If you have any questions or questions about the stakeout service, please feel free to contact us.

How to delegate in wallet?

There are two forms of wallets, desktop wallets achieve higher security and stability.

Desktop wallet

Mobile Wallet

VIVI Stake Pool infromation

Pool ID: pool1a6ysvnx24xsjh2f6ehgmx7yu9q45fd7lsk88v2swxkek7pkxtgp
Ticker: VIVI
Tax Ratio: 0.02
Tax Fix: 340
Pledge: 25000
More info on ADApools.org.