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Since cryptocurrency is difficult for ordinary people to understand, in order to improve higher adoption, we choose to use a simple explanation method. is one of the commonly used statistical tools in the ADA ecosystem. The following is the information about the pool.
Name: Stake pool name.
Ticker: The shortening of the pool name, cannot be repeated in the system.
Website: The website of the pool, the introduction of the pool.
Saturation:  64,000,000 ADA. 
Live Stake: The current pool of ADA holdings. (including the number of ADA transferred during the epoch).     *1epoch = 5days
Active Stake: Staking on pool ADA in this epoch. (Does not include transfer ADA for this epoch). * 1 epoch = 5 days 
Pledge: Pledge = leverage, the higher the pledge amount, the lower the leverage ratio.
Low leverage = your holdings of funds in the system.
High leverage = new operators, you do not have many ADA, but you can participate and contribute to the ecosystem in other ways.
Margin: Service rate. Hypothesis that the pool is set margin 1%, 1% will be deducted from the total reward for that epoch.    E.g:  If we pool get 10,000 ADA for the this epoch, then reduce 100ADA = 9900ADA.
Fixed Cost: System fee, the minimum fee that system requirement is 340 ADA. The hypothesis a pool gets a reward of a total of 10,000 ADA in this epoch, it will deduct 340 ADA before distribution.                                        E.g:  Epoch gets 10,000ada-340ada =9660ada, 9660ADA is allocated to all stakeholders in this pool.
ROA: Based on the data of the past 30 days, the calculated reference annualized rate of return. According to the data given by IOHK, the ROA of both large and small pools will be between 4% and 6%.
Last Rewards:  Show the last epoch to get block rewards.

Last Rewards of figure

Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch:   In this epoch, the probability of getting a block.
Block Trend:   Blocks get during this epoch.
Lifetime Blocks:   The total number of blocks get from the creation of the pool to the present.
Lifetime Luck:   Calculation formula : (all minted blocks) / (all estimated blocks) * 100
Registered:   Registration pool time.
Delegators:   Total number of delegates in the pool.
Pool Owners:   The registration key of the pool, the authority can only be set for a single person, and there will be no reward for multi-person authority.
Social Media:   Media messages from the pool, you can find all the related information about the pool and the motivation for creating the pool.
Claimed pool: Pool verification metadata.metadata is the program file of the operator in the verification pool.

Metadata of figure

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