How does Cardano Staking and get a reward? (1)

What is Cardano Staking?

As Cardano is a proof-of-stake system, owning ada, or holding stake, not only allows you to buy goods or services, but also confers upon you the right and obligation to participate in the protocol and create blocks.
These two uses can be separated by the delegation mechanism, meaning someone who owns ada can keep the spending power, while delegating the power to participate in the protocol to someone else, a stake pool. It is important to note that funds can be spent normally at any time, regardless of how they are delegated.
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What do you need?

1.We need Cardano native crypto ADA for staking, you can choose a safe exchange to buy ADA.
Cornmarket have an exchange list:
2.Use Cardano wallet, There are 2 kinds of wallets to choose
  • Yoroi mobile wallet  
    This type of tool is similar to Ethereum metamask, send fund like E-mail easy.
    Yoroi wallet Download :
  • Daedalus wallet
    Desktop wallet can get more information, and the cost is lower than that of Cross-border transfer and ATM.
    Daedalus wallet Download: 

Mobile wallet install

This is the installation of the wallet. Next, I will explain how to delegate the pool.

Staking pay attention.

It is very easy to choose the pool. You only need to follow the steps below. But remind you that you can test mini funds ADA when you send it to the wallet for the first time, and wait for you to confirm receipt of the ADA, and you can sent your all of ADA in wallet. This is a safe way to send funds.

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